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Press release

Feb 9, 2016 11:35:04 AM

In the House of honey Božnar you can buy honey and honey products of the highest quality. They are all consumer safe products.

We have provided bee products to our customer for over 25 years.


Dear customers, lovers of honey and honey products!


In the House of honey Božnar we are aware that you, the users of honey and other bee products have recently faced a difficult decision. Who to believe? What do you consume? Do you consume Slovenian honey or honey in general? We are sorry that our efforts to introducte Slovenian honey and bee products failed so much. We are sorry that due to mistake of some individuals the whole industry suffers. And all of us, who responsibly operated for several decades, stay without a large number of customers overnight. Yes, this affair also threatens our existence.


We guarantee to all consumers that honey and honey products of House of honey Božnar are safe for consumption. All analyses show that there are no illicit substances in the products, which initiated the scandal. If you think about it, we can also stop using all other foods and cosmetic products. There is always something that is not so good, but at the same time there are many things that are good.


Let us remind you about all the positive properties of honey and other bee products, which are forgotten at the moment. For a millennium we have known about the household remedy, sweetener and beauty. Let us use common sense! However, consumers have only two options: whether you believe us or not.


I thank to all who have believed in House of Honey Božnar for 25 years. We promise that we will follow our principle of fair business in the future, and rejoice you with products of the highest quality.


At the same time I invite you all to the 25 Days of honey. The event will be held in Polhov  Gradec from 4 to 7 August 2016.


Mag. Malči Božnar

Božnar čebelarstvo d.o.o.

Polhov Gradec

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The honey from the House of Honey Božnar is a natural crop of bees made of nectar and other sweet juices of our Slovene plants. Bees have to fly around several millions of blossoms before a bee keeper gets 1 kg of original Slovene honey. If only one bee had to collect 1 kg of honey it would travel almost 7 times around the Earth.

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The Ljubljana city bus will start to drive to Polhov Gradec in 4th of March 2013.

A ride is payable by an “Urbana” card. The price per ride will be only EUR 1,60. Bus numbers 51, 52 and 53 will take you to Polhov Gradec. The number 51 bus will go from the main bus station in Ljubljana across Slovenska, Aškerčeva and Tržaška streets. The number 52 and 53 buses will go from the main bus station and the Tivoli and Tržaška street to Polhov Gradec.

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